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Storm Restoration

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Service Overview

T.O.T.L Construction provides response to those who have been affected by a natural disaster.  We will work with the client and their insurance companies to restore their home or business quickly and effectively.

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There is no way to understand what it is like to lose everything you have worked for and cherished through generations. Recovering from an unprecedented tragedy is not an easy task. Dealing with insurance companies to understand how life can get back to normal is hard to grasp. 

No one person in our company has ever experienced such devastation but we do understand that we never want to. We are an American Company with American beliefs, here to instill the core values of what built our great country. When our neighbors are in need our instinct is to help.  

From complete rebuild services to simply replacing siding or roofing.  T.O.T.L. Construction will focus on you and deal with insurance adjusters to make sure you get the restitution deserved.  

We employ staff that is trained in dealing with insurance companies. Our staff will review the insurance adjuster claim, provide our proposal in response to the claim all while working with the adjuster one on one using their preferred software to make the process seamless. 


If your property has been affected by a natural disaster, give us a call today and see how we can help get you back on your feet

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