About us

T.O.T.L. Construction was created with the vision of integrating real passion into the design and interworking’s of all types of construction projects.


The skills possessed by our motivated staff is all based on experience gained from real

on-the-job training.


 Whatever the project, T.O.T.L Construction will identify your vision and by the skills of our professional staff, we will turn them into a reality.


Our main goal is to offer you a custom installation that will far exceed your expectations,

all while making the process as easy as possible for you.

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Our  Philosophy

At T.O.T.L, we have the highest quality management to help ensure that all jobs get done correctly and on time.


"We are on the constant search for customer satisfaction, and work

to achieve quality construction services."

Our values? We work to ensure quality construction and a great experience, focusing on commitment, responsibility, trust, and customer satisfaction.  

Our  Fiels of Activity

There is no job too “big” or too “small.” Whether you want to build an infrastructure or just want us to take on a residential job, T.O.T.L has the power and motivation to do it all.







Our Team

Harley Steele, Owner

We build your Hopes and Dreams for you

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TOTL Construction

2319 State road 1 Socorro NM 87801

575 - 517-7395

NMGB98# 396815

Clint  Masterman - All about Paint

C: +1 (505) 720-3385 
@: cm.allaboutpaint@gmail.com


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